This week’s “Walcott Community News” featured an article about plans by the Walcott Volunteer Fire department to purchase a new fire truck.  The town council approved the plans at a cost of approximately $1,600 for the new truck.

On the 2nd page of the newspaper, A. Werner & Sons announced an added attraction to the Farmers Institute, an “All Star Talking Moving Picture full of Thrills, Comics, Romance and the Elgin Road Race.”  Ford Motor Company is providing it free to Walcott residents after offering it in Davenport last week.  Imagine the excitement!!

Remember to check out all the local names listed throughout the newspaper.

Wednesday, January 17, 1934
The Daily Times

Monday, January 15, 1934
The Davenport Democrat and Leader

Sunday, September 17, 1933
The Davenport Democrat and Leader