The original platting of the town had been completed, building on some lots had begun, and the original investors were hoping to make a profit by offering the remaining lots for sale.   The following ads are examples of the advertising that was placed in local newspapers in the hope of increasing interest in the lots and bringing new investors to Walcott.

Town of Walcott

The undersigned agents for the proprietors of the land surrounding the first depot established by the Mississippi and Missouri Railroad Company, 12 miles West from Davenport, have completed the survey of a Town at said Depot under the above title; and are now prepared to sell lots on advantageous terms. A large Hotel and several dwellings and stores are already in progress of building, and a rare chance is offered for men of small capital.

March 30, 1854
The Davenport Gazette
Davenport, Iowa
Cook & Sargent
Land Agents

Local News

Walcott is the name of a newly laid out town in Scott County, about twelve miles from Davenport, on the M & M Railroad line. Two store rooms are already finished, and one more, with four dwelling houses and a large hotel, are in course of construction.

March 31, 1854
Muscatine Journal
Bloomington, Iowa

Walcott House

First Station West on the lines of the M & M
Railroad 12 miles from Davenport

The undersigned has furnished the above house in a good style, and is ready to accommodate all who may favor him with their patronage.

Persons desirous of passing a few weeks quietly on the prairie, where there is always a delightful breeze will find Walcott to repay them for their visit. To Sportsmen—Grouse and other game abound in the vicinity.

A share of public patronage is respectfully solicited.

Jacob Myers

July 18, 1854
The Daily Gazette,
Davenport, Iowa

By August of 1855

Messrs. Cook & Sargent decided to run a special train of cars from Davenport to Walcott for a day-long land auction.  They hoped to sell the available lots and also generate interest in this new and growing town.  The following advertisement appeared in the Daily Gazette, Davenport, Iowa promoting the auction:

The Daily Gazette

Davenport, August 21, 1855

Local Matters

It will be seen by a notice in another column that Messrs. Cook & Sargent have made arrangements to run a special train of cars to Walcott, twelve miles west of this place, on next Saturday.  Preparations will be made for taking out some three hundred persons, and tickets must be procured at the office of Cook & Sargent the day previous.  Two passenger cars will be brought over from the Rock Island road for the accommodation of the ladies, and the train leaving at 9 A.M, will return at 4 in the afternoon.  Walcott is the first station, twelve miles west of Davenport, the 25th of August will be another marked day in the history of the state and especially of Davenport, for the completion and running of the cars over the first section of Railroad constructed in Iowa.  Since the commencement of laying the rail everything has proceeded admirably, without interruption or accident, and there is no doubt that the Road will be completed to Iowa City by the time contemplated.  It is superfluous to say that the Superintendent and Contractor, Messrs. Henry Carmichael, and the other gentleman connected with the Road, deserve credit for so promptly coming up to time, for what they have done heretofore keeps people from being at all surprised at their present performances.  We have no hesitation in saying in advance, that the excursion will be a pleasant one, and that the proof that it was so will be found in one of next week’s Gazette.

August 21, 1855
The Daily Gazette
Davenport, Iowa