Have you noticed the H. H. Schneckloth Lumber Company ads in the Walcott Community News?  July 6, 2020 was the 24th anniversary of the fire that destroyed this 100+ year old Walcott landmark.  Click on the link above to see the full newspaper.

September 17, 1894
The Davenport Democrat and Leader
The Stockdale & Deitz Company of Walcott erected a large lumber shed to protect their building material inventory from the winter weather.

April 22, 1906
The Davenport Democrat and Leader
The H. O. Seiffert Lumber Company of Davenport had purchased a tract of  land from Stockdale & Dietz that was located on Main street and would be used for a lumber yard.  This property consisted of a lot 250 feet in length and 75 feet in width, and was located in the heart of the town near the railroad.

February 17, 1911
The Daily Times
H. O. Seiffert announced the sale of their lumberyard in Walcott to the Farmers Lumber Company.

August 31, 1924
The Davenport Democrat and Leader
Herman Hans Schneckloth moved to Walcott and purchased the lumber building from the Farmers Lumber Company.

July 7, 1996
The Quad City Times
Hawkeye Building Distributors, which was located in the H. H. Schneckloth Lumber Company building, caught fire and burned on Saturday, July 6, 1996.  The H. H. Schneckloth Lumber Company discontinued business in the mid 1980’s and Hawkeye Building Distributors relocated from Illinois to Walcott at that time.

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